Atlas of Bank Restoration Sites of the St. Lawrence River - Study area

The atlas thus presents a list of sites to be restored, distributed along the St. Lawrence River, its estuary and gulf, and some of its tributaries, as well as bordering the Gaspé Peninsula. Only sites that could easily be restored were selected. Those sites are more often located either on public land, within the two-year flood recurrence zone in the freshwater section, or in the flood zone of the large equinoctial tides in the estuarine and marine environments.

Location map of the sectors

Restoration sites

  • Corwall/Boucherville
  • Boucherville/Trois-Rivières
  • Fluvial Estuary
  • Middle Estuary
  • Maritime Estuary
  • Upper North Coast
  • Middle North Coast
  • Lower North Coast
  • Gaspésie
  • Baie-des-Chaleurs
  • Magdalen Islands
  • Tributaries (River)
  • Tributaries (Estuary)